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Just-In-Time Vs. Just-In-Case Learning

Curriculum-based education (whether applied at school or home) and unschooling ask two fundamentally different questions which dictate:

  • how children focus their energy; and
  • how much they retain of what they learn.

School asks:

  • What do you want to do when you grow up?
    This encourages “just-in-case” learning, an often monotonous grind of facts and information which are often quickly forgotten and rarely utilized.

Homeschooling asks:

  • What are you interested in now?
    This encourages “just-in-time” learning, a dynamic exchange between a child’s mind and their surroundings where everything is applied immediately so it is more likely to stick.

Homeschooling Yourself

In the same way, as a parent, you don’t need to & cannot know everything “just-in-case”…

Ask yourself what you need now to ease that seemingly never-ending loop of fear, doubt, anxiety, worry and overwhelm, and select your most suitable course of action:

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  • If you are overwhelmed and just feel the pressure building up, open yourself to the idea that less is more with my homeschooling course.

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  • If you are anxious but have the energy to explore, investigate and run down a rabbit-hole(!), have fun with these homeschooling resources.

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If you still feel stuck, focus on your breathing.