A Homeschooling Course With Space

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— Release.

I want to help you let go of a never-ending loop of fear, anxiety & overwhelm — to turn down the noise that disrupts the quiet of your heart + soul.

To help you slow down the mind, I created a 21-day email course that will inspire + encourage you.

homeschooling course

— Less is more.

The homeschooling clearview holds on to the essentials and lets go of the superfluous. Reaffirming your role as a guide gives your child time + space to flower.

This is not a magic pill. But there is no better time than now to let your home time together just be.

Homeschooling Course Overview

A 21-day email course to warmly welcome the homeschooling clearview:

Purpose. Trust yourself to be a productive role model and your child can be confident to follow their interests + curiosity.

Peace of mind. Self-belief lets you appreciate the positive and offers the courage to reject negative influences, guilt-free.

Natural learning. Kids are like a sponge, ceaselessly absorbing ideas + knowledge, unless you constantly squeeze them.

Home. Living space can encourage your child to learn, or physical clutter can create a distraction in their mind and yours.

Unhurried. You must make time to take time. Unpressured moments are a choice for you and a necessity for your child.

Connected. Experiences outlive grades or academics. Letting go of fear + regret frees your energy to re-focus.

I will not overload you with more.
Behind everything is the simple principle of the Homeschooling Clearview…

21 Days to the Homeschooling Clearview

An Email Course To
Simplify Home Time With Your Children