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— Release.

I want to help you let go of a never-ending loop of fear, anxiety & overwhelm — to turn down the noise that disrupts the quiet of your heart + soul.

To help you slow down the mind, I created a 21-day email course that will inspire + encourage you.

homeschooling course

— Less is more.

The homeschooling clearview holds on to the essentials and lets go of the superfluous. Reaffirming your role as a guide gives your child time + space to flower.

This is not a magic pill. But there is no better time than now to let your home time together just be.

Homeschooling Course Overview

A 21-day email course to warmly welcome the homeschooling clearview:

Purpose. Trust yourself to be a productive role model and your child can be confident to follow their interests + curiosity.

Peace of mind. Self-belief lets you appreciate the positive and offers the courage to reject negative influences, guilt-free.

Natural learning. Kids are like a sponge, ceaselessly absorbing ideas + knowledge, unless you constantly squeeze them.

Home. Living space can encourage your child to learn, or physical clutter can create a distraction in their mind and yours.

Unhurried. You must make time to take time. Unpressured moments are a choice for you and a necessity for your child.

Connected. Experiences outlive grades or academics. Letting go of fear + regret frees your energy to re-focus.

I will not overload you with more.
Behind everything is the simple principle of the Homeschooling Clearview…